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I Want The Truth From You

So Here We Are...

The Truth
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All Members

Welcome to The_Truthxx. This is a LJ community used for confessing. You can talk about things that you need to get off your chest. For example, you can post that your favorite band is The Clash, but you've been a closet Britney Spears fan, or something more serious. It's also an advice community. If you've got a problem, post it, and you'll get great advice! Once we get a lot of active members, we will be able to do fun activities, so please tell people about us and post, post, post! Also, suggestions are welcome, so if you have a cool idea, post it or contact the mod! Incase you're still confused about what to post, here are some examples:

+Questions about anything (bands, body, make-up, ect.)

+If you need advice, post your problem, and we'll help you out.

+Tips (make-up, concerts, ect.)



+Introduction posts

That's all I can think of right now, but if you have a question about rather or not you are allowed to post something, just ask!!

♥Please lock all posts using the "friends only" method.
♥Please respect all members.
♥If somebody posts a confession, or a problem and they're looking for advice, please be kind even if you think it's stupid.
♥If you say something me or one of the mods finds is offensive, you will be banned.
♥Make all long posts or posts with pictures into LJ cuts.
♥If you are a member, PLEASE STAY ACTIVE. Meaning, post often so we know you're not dead.

♥Jaclyn (community manager/creator):
Email - Joeliciousx@Aol.Com
SN - Joeliciousx
LJ - xbillyxbobx

♥How to do a LJ cut:

<*lj-cut> put your text here

Then, put this at the end

Just take out the stars.

♥How to post a picture:
Upload the picture to www.photobucket.com, and when you're posting to the community, click on "Rich Text" mode, and click on the button with the little boy on it, and paste the URL of the picture in it.

Anything else you need to know? Contact Jaclyn.


If you'd like to become a sister, contact Jaclyn!